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A common trick that blues-rockers use over a dominant chord is to play both the major and minor pentatonic scales from the same key centre (A, in this case). This is often done by using the same scale fingering for A minor (at the 5th fret), then moving it down three frets, to become A major (at the 2nd).

Guitar Rock collects original recordings from an array of songs that feature memorable guitar riffs, recorded mainly in the '70s. Included on this two-disc, 38-song compilation are Deep Purple ("Smoke on the Water"), Allman Brothers ("Whipping Post"), Cream ("Sunshine of Your Love"), and Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Free Bird"). Also highlighted are similar tunes by Alice Cooper , Free , Joe Walsh , and Eric Clapton .

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Various - Rock Guitar GreatsVarious - Rock Guitar GreatsVarious - Rock Guitar GreatsVarious - Rock Guitar Greats